Teenage problems from a amateur Teenage writer

Just started blogging after waiting for lots of days.Hearing it since long time ago.
First thing struck my mind i can blog about the uncertainty of the stage of life of which now i am going through, thats teenage.
We get a view of life at this stage,exposure to the world makes us realize the things in reality.When all fiction comes out on the ground of reality, shocks us brutally.One whosee expectation matches up with reality,though i think it happens with merely a few people. Fighting with one’s own conscince makes it more difficult for finding the way of life.Problem is more in the case of emotional persons. This teenage problems gear up around a lots of variety. Interaction with the people surrounding them sometimes means suffocating. Likes & dislikes take a part of life, sometimes being in all the wrong way.A space of privacy becomes essential,hiding from the people we respect a lot.Distance generates from parents too.Thought of a separate world comes in mind.When we see falseness mind hurts a lot.